April Fool's Fish

April Fool's Fish

April Fool's Fish

Did you know April Fool's dates back to Medieval times? Some believe the holiday got its start when King Charles IV, of France, changed New Year’s Day from Easter Day to January 1 in 1563. Thus, the old holiday became a day of pranks.

One of the first pranks played was to send someone to the market for "April" fish. Little did they know the season for fresh fish in France had ended in March, thus making the errand runner an April fool.

Present day, in France, there is an adorable April Fool's Day tradition that is derived directly from this historical first "April Fish" prank. French school children cut fish out of paper, with the plan to take them to school and tape them to their unwitting classmates' backs. The last oblivious child with a fish remaining on their back is crowned the April fool!

Don't be a fool, click here for a delicious halibut recipe inspired by the 'April Fish' prank that King Charles was responsible for starting all those years ago.


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