Fish Talk: Back to School with Wild Alaskan Seafood

Fish Talk: Back to School with Wild Alaskan Seafood

Fish Talk: Back to School with Wild Alaskan Seafood

Fall means back to school, back to sports, and generally back to a hectic schedule. Here in Sitka, back to school time also lines up with the pink and sockeye salmon run. This time of year is known for frenzied back to school schedules, and frenzied fish making their way across hundreds of miles of open ocean to fight their way upstream and spawn in Sitka’s beautiful rivers and estuaries.

Fall is a time of change, growth, and maybe a little chaos. Luckily for you, you don’t have to swim hundreds of miles to get access to some amazing salmon. When you order a box of our Wild Alaskan Salmon for your family's protein choice, it means a quick and healthy dinner is on the table, often in under 20 minutes. With Catch Sitka's perfectly portioned filets, all you have to do is leave them to defrost overnight in your refrigerator and then do a quick sear, grill or bake. 

The back to school season can be taxing on the brain. Young minds are getting back into the rhythm of learning every day, and parents’ minds are stretching to coordinate schedules, run logistics on carpooling, and still figure out how to get healthy food on the table. Luckily for you, starting a subscription with Catch Sitka not only helps with juggling meal planning and cutting down on time, but it also ensures that your family is getting access to the freshest, most nutritious cuts of seafood possible. (If you’re really interested, you should check out our post on the Benefits of Wild Caught Seafood.)

Each box gives you a literal taste of Sitka, from our Wild Alaskan Halibut to the Wild Alaskan King Salmon that Sitka is known for. It also gives you a taste of the slower pace that our family and Sitkans enjoy. When you cut down on the time you spend preparing food, and seafood really does save you some time, you get more time to enjoy the meal that you are sharing with people you care about. Life in Sitka is truly tied to the seasons, and in the Fall and Winter, Sitkans spend a lot more time indoors, sheltering from the changing weather and cooking up meals for friends and family. 

Let’s imagine it together: it’s a blustery September day. The weather is rough and you’re pretty sure you’ve finally got everyone’s schedule aligned so that all of the carpools make sense. Everyone is finally through the front door again after a long day of work, school, practice, piano lessons, clubs, and—Voila! Twenty minutes later, you’re sitting down to a delicious dinner of Wild Alaskan Salmon, some easy veggies, and your favorite pasta or rice. Everyone has time to share about their day while filling their bellies with a nutritious meal that will keep them energized and focused tomorrow.

When you know you’ve got fresh, flavorful fish on the menu, you can count on a little extra time to spend enjoying your dinner with the people you care about. And when time gets short and you can’t always fit a trip to the grocery store (plus the time it takes to look up a recipe and cook it) in between practice and time for homework, it’s nice to know you’ve got some fresh fish on deck for a quick, healthy meal.

One of the best things about our boxes, other than the delicious fish, is that they’re really customizable. We know that every person and family we ship to has a different approach to cooking, favorite recipes, number of people to cook for, amount of fish they like to freeze for future culinary adventures, and an endless list of reasons why our boxes might need to change to fit into so many people’s busy lives. 

We know that, and so we’ve made it a priority to ensure that we offer boxes that can be customized to meet your needs and preferences. You can see what we mean on our Shop Seafood page. Our boxes range in size, and feature a variety of seafood and combinations of different species. You can even take the customization a step further with our Bonus Items and Teasers. Options are endless for trying out a taste of Alaskan life and bringing a sense of adventure to your favorite Fall meals.

We make finding a box that works for you really easy. Once you’ve perused the Shop Seafood page, you’ll see that each of our boxes has portion guides for how many people you’re hoping to feed. These portions are made following the American Heart Association’s guidelines for healthy eating, which suggest at least 2 portions (3 ounces each) of fish per week. Cooking for one? No problem! Our fish can be safely frozen to be consumed later for 6 to 12 months after your box arrives at your door.

Ready to take the next step for ensuring fresh, easy protein options for your family all season long? When you subscribe to our box services, you can save 10% off your monthly orders. Knowing that you’ve got fresh fish finding their way to your table all Fall, saving some money, AND saving time on shopping and cooking are all on the menu when you decide to start a subscription with Catch Sitka.

Maybe you’ve already hit the order button, but you’re trying to figure out how to get a taste of Fall with your seafood. If you’re feeling stuck, you should check out our recipes for Easy Peasy Salmon Picatta or Grilled Halibut Puttanesca. And if Fall colors are your thing, then using our Smoked Salmon is an easy way to incorporate some vibrant reds into your plate. If you’re looking for a simpler plate that will still be the star of any Fall gathering, take a peek at our Simple Smoked Salmon Charcuterie Platter

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, check out the rest of our Recipe Box, where we’ve also linked additional resources from chefs including their cookbooks, websites, blogs, and instagram accounts. We’ve linked it all for you on the recipe pages so you don’t have to work so hard to find great mealtime inspiration.  If you’ve already got a few go-to recipes or you’re really looking to branch out, you can still reference our Cooking Guide, where we share all the temperatures and times you’ll need to safely prepare our seafood.

Options are endless, and we know you only have so much time, so thank you for spending a few minutes with this post to learn more about us and our family business. We hope you enjoy all of the new energy that the back to school season brings, and that we can share a taste of Alaska with you. If you do try some of our favorite, quick Fall recipes we shared, or if you have created new recipes you’ve tried on our fish with your families, please snap a pic and tag us on social media (@CatchSitkaSeafoods) or drop us a line at We love trying new things and hearing from the Catch Sitka extended family!

Stay tuned next month for more Fish Talk!

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