Fish Talk: The Rare Magic of Catch Sitka Seafoods

Fish Talk: The Rare Magic of Catch Sitka Seafoods

Welcome to Fish Talk!

An interesting, fun and sometimes delicious series where we pick a topic and do a deep dive for our Catch Sitka community.

This week we’re starting right here at home, bringing you behind the curtain to peek at why we started Catch Sitka and why the seafood from here is so different from the rest of the world….

Catch Sitka was born out of a desire to share the rare magic of our local seafood with busy health conscious families who value quality and sustainability. We believe everyone should have access to delicious, ethically sourced seafood at home. Our purpose is to become the world's most truly sustainable seafood company, one fish at a time.

We live in the tiny city of Sitka on the enormous Island of Baranof in Southeast Alaska. The Pacific waters that surround our island lie along the migratory routes of nearly all species of Alaskan fish. The variety of wild, line-caught ocean-run fish we offer is unique to our wonderful location. Additionally, our waters are the most highly protected and regulated on earth! Alaska fiercely protects its natural resources to ensure our magical and rare ecosystem can be enjoyed for generations to come. 

At Catch Sitka, we only purchase sustainably harvested fish from our local small boat, family fishing fleet. Each one of whom use exceedingly selective and ecologically responsible methods to catch our fish, one at a time. No nets, only the ancient traditional method of hook and line.

All fisheries we source fish from are sustainably managed and supremely regulated, ensuring that the final product can be enjoyed without any worry of unethical methods or unsustainable practices. It is incredibly important to us that the fisherpeople we buy from consider themselves custodians of the resource. We continue the great traditional methods bestowed upon us by our elders, so that our children’s children will have the opportunity to bring the bounty of the ocean to our customer’s plates if they so choose. 

After purchasing from these small boats, we hurry to the processing stage where our state-of-the-art facility is designed with the sole focus of locking in the nutritional value and freshness of each portion we offer. Catch Sitka shines as our team of highly skilled artisans go to work perfectly filleting and packaging each 6 to 8 oz portion. Every step – from the first touch until our box lands on our customer’s doorstep – has been designed to ensure that no quality or freshness is lost. We don't send our seafood halfway across the world or buy seafood from halfway across the world like the big guys. Our quality and methods are so revered that others in our sector reach out to us to process for them or purchase our fish to sell under their labels. We believe we are the only company walking our talk, not cutting corners and standing strong in our promise to be the truly sustainable seafood choice.

Our fisher-family partners, artisan processors, special location on earth, and commitment to your enjoyment of delicious, sustainably-sourced fish ARE what make Catch Sitka Seafoods magical. We are grateful for our responsibility to the planet and community, and grateful to share our Catch with others. We want families to enjoy with confidence knowing they have chosen seafood that makes a positive difference.

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