Greetings from the Sitka Sound

Greetings from the Sitka Sound

Greetings from the Sitka Sound,

Life in Sitka has been very wet this year, drenched in fact. With record rains and winds plus the conditions of the pandemic, it felt like the skies were lamenting the unprecedented times we were in. With all that rain, wind, and loss, there were also a lot of bright spots.

There was a renewal in our hearts of the importance of family, community, and friends. We got outside a lot as a family, we put on our rain gear and enjoyed the beauty of all that is Sitka. We also worked with the Sitka Tribe of Alaska to donate over 1300 boxes of wonderful seafood to homes in Sitka, to provide healthy protein to our community amid the economic uncertainty of the current climate.

This year has demanded flexibility, forgiveness, and willingness to try something new. We have survived by helping our community, sharing our catch, and by the trust of strangers taking us into their homes and onto their plates. We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you! We have gotten such positive feedback from all of you about our holiday gift boxes, that we have decided to keep them available year round!

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