Sound Off: April 2022

Sound Off: April 2022

Greetings From the Sitka Sound

Welcome to April in Sitka. Warmer temps, longer days, and spring awakenings have begun to greet us in Southeast Alaska. We are in the thick of the Wild Alaskan Whitefish season with freshly line-caught halibut, rockfish, and lingcod on deck. You can find it all in our Wild Alaskan Whitefish Harvest box. Looking forward to mid-June, King Salmon will be next in line! Pre-order now to ensure your Catch Sitka Seafoods King Salmon will be on your doorstep the moment it lands on our dock!

Be sure to read the “Sustainable Shipping” section of this newsletter. With current logistics and the nature of being the little guy doing things the slow, mother-nature-approved, way, we find ourselves in need of making a few changes to the way we ship. Rest assured, we are doing everything we can to ensure your supply of artisanal, Michelin Star quality, sashimi-grade, Wild Alaskan seafood done the right way, continues to land on your plate, wherever that may be. 

You can support our business and the small boat fleet of Sitka, Alaska, beyond your own table. Share your love of Catch Sitka Seafoods with your friends and family. We are truly a mom and pop and we reach more families by word of mouth. We have tried to make it fun and easy for you too! Just use your unique URL code found by logging into your Catch Sitka customer account and clicking on “Loyalty” in the bottom left corner. From there choose “Refer” from the menu in the pop-up window. Just pass along your referral link and anyone who uses it gets $15 off and earns you 250 loyalty points!

Best Fishes,

The Samman Family


Fish Talk: How It's Caught: Wild Alaskan Halibut & Sablefish (Black Cod)

Hook and line was the rule for both halibut and black cod (sablefish) - we’d just use slightly different setups to target each species in very different depths. Halibut is much the same, but for sablefish (black cod) we are changing up the game!

If you have a topic you would like us to explore, please submit it to

If you missed the email and want to find out more about how our fleet brings in your Wild Alaskan Halibut and Black Cod, don't worry you can catch up on all the content here!

Sustainable Shipping

Raising a young family and operating Catch Sitka on an island in Southeast Alaska, we are always looking for ways to bring our catch to your table in the most sustainable way possible. Sustainability has become paramount to all business, but especially to our small business as costs around us soar and we stubbornly continue to do things the slow way. Right now, that looks like making a switch to shipping out our catch ONCE a MONTH. While a hard decision to make, it is absolutely necessary moving forward. This will help us ensure we never over-fish and are better able to predictably support our artisanal small boat fleet in Sitka.

Our NEW monthly ship date will always be the third week of the month. All orders placed through midnight Thursday of the second week of the current month will be shipped the third week of the current month. You can read about all of our current shipping policies on our Shipping FAQs page.

Those of you who are subscribers are already used to receiving your shipments on a monthly basis, so nothing much will change for you, other than the ability to adjust your shipping date within the month. You will still be able to skip months, pause, adjust your frequency or cancel at any time.

Now for the NEW features we are excited about! From your customer account, you can now add single order products like our Applewood Smoked Fish boxes, Spot Prawn boxes, Teasers, Gifts and more to your subscription shipment! You can now swap between any of our subscription boxes and add your loyalty discount codes to apply to your upcoming subscription shipment! As always, if you have any questions please email us at 

From the Kitchen

Check out our latest recipe featuring one of our Wild Alaskan Whitefish superstars, Wild Alaskan Rockfish Fish Nuggets. Then use it to whip up an amazing seafood dinner tonight in less than 20 minutes! Don't forget to head to our Recipe Box so you can plan out your next delicious Catch Sitka Seafoods' dinner, the American Heart Association recommends you eat it twice a week! 

Did you know? You can search any fish, ingredient, or recipe on our website by using the magnifying glass in the upper right corner? Try it out today!

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