Sound Off: February 2022

Catch Sitka Seafoods: Sound Off: February 2022

Greetings From the Sitka Sound

It's the month of love and there’s more to celebrate than just your Valentine's. The excuse to eat lots of chocolate not-withstanding, February also gives us a chance to bid a fond farewell to winter and all it's coziness. We will miss the days spent snuggled up by the fire. However, in Southeast Alaska, it certainly finds us at the end of our patience with the darkness. Because of this, February in Sitka is a waiting game. 

We wait patiently for Raven to bring back the light, bit by bit. Our precious minutes with the golden stuff increasing, slowly, day after day. We also bide our time, until the next fishing trip, the next season opener, the next break in the rain. 

We keep our artisan filet staff busy through the winter months with our fatty Winter King harvest and our custom processing jobs. We are proud to serve Sitka's amazing commercial fishing fleet. We love Sitka just as much as we love all of you, so we do whatever we can to help out the commerce in our beautiful seaside town. We encourage all of you to choose Wild, choose Alaska, and choose Catch Sitka where your dollars go directly to hardworking Southeast Alaska families.

Best Fishes,

The Samman Family

Fish Talk: Time Saving Benefits of Seafood

Sitka, Alaska (Lingít Aanì–the land of the Tlingit people) is a seaside town on the beautiful island of Baranof. It is largely a fishing community. And let us tell you, every single person here has their own ideas about what the best way is to prepare each of the species that we carry. We can all agree on one thing however, preparing seafood for dinner saves time! As a fishing industry family and entrepreneurs, we can never predict what’s around the corner. Whether it is a great new idea to pursue or a problem to solve, we tend to burn the candle at both ends. What we can rest assured of however, is that with a freezer stocked with the bounty of Sitka, what to cook for dinner is the least of our concerns.

Seafood, done right, can be one of the best ways to save time and eat healthy on even your busiest weeknight. Find our tips and tricks for receiving, storing, and cooking seafood, then get dinner, featuring the best Wild Alaskan sustainable seafood, on the table in a flash! 

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Customer Love ️️❤️

Whether it's an incredible review on Google or Facebook, a like or comment on Instagram, a heartfelt email exchange or (our favorite) a shared recipe - our customers know how to make us feel the love! Thank you so much, please know that everything you do is deeply appreciated by our small, but mighty, team. 

We work very hard to ensure that you all have everything you need to enjoy the best seafood possible from our corner of the world. However, if there is an area you feel we could do better, please reach out to us. We are growing and we want to make sure we grow in the right direction. 

From the Kitchen

Rockfish is a seriously underrated species that offers a mild flavor and firm flakey flesh with a lobster-like texture. Issam absolutely loves it. It is an Alaskan go-to for tacos and fish and chips. It’s delightful baked, grilled, sautéed or fried (especially beer battered)! We think you'll love it in this new super simple, one-pan dish that comes together in under 15 minutes: Wild Alaskan Rockfish with Peppers and Onions.

No Rockfish? No worries! Any of our species would be delicious here, even our Wild Alaska Spot Prawns!

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