Sound Off: March 2022

Sound Off: March 2022

Greetings From the Sitka Sound

Welcome to March in Sitka. We are in really high spirits these days, with the ever-increasing sunlight we have been graced with. You can’t help but feel a little lighter in step overall. Any signs of spring cause the equivalent of an internal happy dance. 

Our favorite sign of spring are season openers. They get our blood pumping (just a little) and help us shake off the winter blues. We love seeing all the beautiful boats leaving their slips for the open ocean - some over a 100 years old! This year the Groundfish Longline opener occurred on March 8th! Our small boat fleet are now back at it harvesting fresh Halibut, Black Cod, Lingcod and Rockfish for us all to enjoy.

Every March, each fishing family feels the thrill of the season. Winter preparations, sometimes done begrudgingly, now have been deeply appreciated. From finding dependable and trustworthy crew, to gear repair and maintenance, each step served to get the whole family and community involved. Sitka has been buzzing with activity with, what we consider, the true beginning of the New Year! The hook & line, sustainable bounty of Southeast Alaska is in high demand and here now. 

Order today, and get this Wild Alaskan Seafood harvest on your doorstep! 

Best Fishes,

The Samman Family

Fish Talk: Women In Seafood

Happy Women’s History Month! In honor of women, for this month’s Fish Talk, we explored the ways women are a living, breathing, vibrant part of the great tapestry of seafood. A crucial component of the industry, women hold many of the vital roles that help bring the treasures from the ocean to your plate. Currently, at Catch Sitka Seafoods, 75% of our staff are women as is our COO, and co-owner, Mindy!

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If you missed the email and want to find out more about women in the seafood industry, don't worry you can catch up on all the content here!

Spring Fever

Spring into a healthy and delicious life-style with our fresh catch! 

Did you know? In 2005, the American Heart Association recommended that we should “eat more fish, especially oily fish, broiled or baked.” In 2021, they amended their recommendation to specify that the healthy unsaturated fats found in fish and seafood should be consumed twice weekly. 

But, how many Americans are actually eating enough fish? Order or Subscribe today to make sure that you are getting the incredible benefits of fish caught at the height of its health in the clear, open ocean waters of Southeast Alaska, then swiftly blast frozen to sashimi grade to lock in the nutritional virtues. This is no river-run fish.

From the Kitchen

Simple Seafood Suppers for the WIN! We are here to help you meet the American Heart Association’s recommendations with recipes that cook in under 20 minutes! We aren’t kidding when it comes to saving time and we never sacrifice flavor! Watch a mouthwatering video showcasing all SIX of our favorite quick, healthy, & delectable dishes, here! Then head to our Recipe Box and get started!

Did you know? You can search any fish, ingredient, or recipe on our website by using the magnifying glass in the upper right corner? Try it out today!

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