Issam Samman
Wild Alaskan King Salmon (Chinook)

Wild Alaskan King Salmon (Chinook, Spring Salmon, Tyee)

Get to know Alaska's largest wild salmon species from a troller's perspective. Plus, learn more about how it comes to be on your plate in such an array of stunning colors.

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Wild Alaska Season 2021

Wild Alaska Fishing Season 2021

Wild Alaska Fishing Season 2021! We were excited to learn that the experts who manage the great Alaskan fishery decided to open the 2021 Alaska fishing season early! They are kicking it off with a halibut and black cod longline season which began in early March. This decision was due to the pandemic disrupting the 2020 season. Our fisher-family is beyond excited to get back out on the water! So what is a long line and how is it used for fishing? Here's a involves...wait for it...a long line! And also, a snood! A snood is a short line attaching...

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