Why Catch Sitka Seafoods?

Have you ever been near the grocery store seafood counter and smelled it before you even approached it? We have. That isn't how seafood should smell. Seafood smells that way when it has been caught, processed, frozen, flown to another processing center, thawed, further processed, distributed to the grocer, defrosted, and left sitting for up to 14 days. Frankly, it's disgusting. We think you deserve better, and we are here to deliver!

We believe in developing a symbiotic relationship with our planet and our customer. We want to deliver a product to you, that really brings the best of Alaska to your table. At the same time, we want to protect our natural resource that provides us with our harvest and supports our lovely small island community, and we have resolved to fulfill both of those goals!

We truly want to be the choice you make to feel good about your health, your community, and the planet! There isn't another seafood company out there that's doing what we do. There are a lot of false claims and shiny photos, but those guys are the ones with the smelly fish! They are big distribution centers that buy fish en masse from questionable sources, who may or may not have treated the fish with the respect it is due. Even if they buy fish from the good guys, the amount of processing and traveling that fish does degrades its quality and flavor. Granted they are probably a step up from your local grocery store, but they can't touch us on taste, quality, or sustainability. 

We believe in only delivering fish that have been sustainably hook & line-caught, by small-boat, local fishermen we trust. Our catch is treated with the utmost of respect, transferred immediately to us, and then processed, packaged, and boxed by the Catch Sitka artisans. The fish we deliver will be the best fish you have ever tried, we guarantee it. We only ship you what we would feed our own family.

We believe in buying and hiring local, donating our fish by-product to local bear and raptor rehabilitation facilities, and the importance of partnering with local Sitka businesses to fill our gift boxes with unforgettable goodies. Additionally, we partnered with the Sitka Tribe of Alaska to donate more than 1300 boxes of seafood to our community during the Covid-19 pandemic. We love our planet as much as we love our community and we are planning ways to become not only sustainable, but a regenerative company. One idea is to do so by developing bait from our current fish by-products. We are also researching ways to reduce our carbon footprint, one of which is changing the liners of our packaging. The pandemic has added its challenges, but we aren't giving up!

What's so exciting, is that we are really just at the beginning. We are evolving each and every day. We are growing thanks to you and we are adapting to the ever changing environment we are living in. We are so grateful you are along for the ride. It's going to be exciting seeing where this adventure takes us! We love what we do and developing relationships with you! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any reason! We love hearing from our customers!

Best Fishes,


Catch Sitka Seafoods


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