Wild Alaska Fishing Season 2021

Wild Alaska Season 2021

Wild Alaska Fishing Season 2021!

We were excited to learn that the experts who manage the great Alaskan fishery decided to open the 2021 Alaska fishing season early! They are kicking it off with a halibut and black cod longline season which began in early March. This decision was due to the pandemic disrupting the 2020 season. Our fisher-family is beyond excited to get back out on the water!

So what is a long line and how is it used for fishing? Here's a hint...it involves...wait for it...a long line! And also, a snood! A snood is a short line attaching a hook to the ground line. The long line, evenly spaced with snoods possessing baited hooks, is placed on the bottom of the ocean. It soaks for six to twelve hours before being hauled up onto the boat with fish in tow. 

This method is used for fishing halibut and black cod because they are both bottom feeding species. It is also a more sustainable method to protect the incredible Alaskan fishery for generations to come.

Follow along with us on Instagram and Facebook as we navigate the waters of the upcoming season! We can look forward to Spring Kings (salmon), May Lings (lingcod), & July salmon (Coho & Keta)! It's sure to be an adventure!


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