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Wild Alaskan King Harvest Box

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King Salmon is our most sought-after fish. Everyone from Michelin star chefs to Foodies to Moms with picky-eater children want in on this annual catch. Sign up today to secure your spot with our limited quantity. Not only will you be eating the tastiest Alaskan fish there is, you’ll also be supporting the local artisanal fishing fleet in their continued promise of ocean stewardship and sustainability.

Please note: We have entered the 2021 Fishing Season. We are shipping Wild Alaskan King Salmon single order and subscription boxes as we have stock on hand, we expect to be able to ship without any wait-time in July. Exact shipping times cannot be guaranteed and shipping dates could be sooner or later than expected.

Our Wild Alaskan King Harvest Subscription Box contains our incredible signature rich, fatty king salmon. Catch Sitka Seafoods salmon is line-caught one at a time in the frigid waters of Southeast Alaska at top physical condition, this is no river-run salmon. 

Every aspect of our seafood is handled with care in Sitka, Alaska. We start with our fisher-family neighbors who catch individual fish using small-boat, hook-and-line practices. The fish are immediately iced, processed by artisans, packaged and blast frozen to lock in the highest quality flavor directly at our dockside facility. (Portion Size 6-8 oz)

Subscribing guarantees you access every month to the limited quantity of wild, line-caught, small boat Alaskan seafood. By subscribing, you ensure not only that the food on your plate is the tastiest and healthiest, but also the highest quality for the planet. Our dedication to quality is unparalleled, and our seafood comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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