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Our seafood is 100% caught by our trusted fisher family in Sitka, Alaska. Our fish is then artisanally filleted, professionally vacuum sealed and blast frozen at our dockside Sitka facility. Lastly, it is shipped in a specially designed insulated box with dry ice & gel ice packs to arrive frozen on your doorstep. This is food you can feel good about in your head, heart and belly.

Step #1: Our fish is caught locally by small boat hook-and-line vessels.

Step #2: Our fish is artisanally filleted and vacuum sealed at our dock-side facility.

Step #3: We freeze our fish to -30 degrees in our commercial blast freezers.

Step #4: Our fish ships straight to your doorstep, cutting out the middleman.

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We believe that each fish deserves to be treated with a singular devotion to quality and the respect due to a wild creature, and that this dedication to respect, service, and
connection extends all the way to our customers.

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Sound Off!

Want to learn more about the Catch Sitka family, our community, and what it's like to live in Southeast Alaska? Maybe you're curious about our species or how we fish? Check out our Sound Off blog, where we discuss all things seafood, share our favorite Alaskan-living stories, and write about the history and story behind Catch Sitka Seafoods.

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We can help you cook it, too.

Learn how to cook your Wild Alaskan Seafood like a pro with our easy to follow guide. Pick your cooking method, your species and you're all set. Ready to try our Spot Prawns? Scroll to the bottom for easy to follow, fool-proof instructions to delicious results, every time.

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Hand-processed and smoked to perfection.

Our smoked fish is made from our premium wild, line-caught fish to ensure the highest quality from start to finish. The fish is smoked slowly and intentionally to lock in the deepest, rich flavor possible. It’s truly a smoked fish unlike any other.

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We are so happy to help! Please feel free to reach out with questions, concerns, bulk inquiries, or with questions about your order. Our team would love to assist.

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Our Family's Favorite Recipes

Not sure how to cook your fish? Check out some of our favorite, family-tested recipes. We are constantly experimenting with new & exciting ways to cook our catch!

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All About the Fish

From our cold, clear open Alaskan waters, to our wild, small-boat line-caught catch, to your table . . . our fish are something special. Did you know that the black cod we harvest live 100 feet or deeper, and that Pacific Halibut can live up to 55 years? Check out our fish guide to learn all about the several species harvested & brought to you by Catch Sitka Seafoods!

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