Catch Sitka Seafoods

Time & Temperature Cooking Guide

Learn how to cook your Wild Alaskan Seafood like a pro with our easy to follow guide. Pick your cooking method, your species and you're all set. Ready to try our Spot Prawns? Scroll to the bottom for easy to follow, fool-proof instructions to perfection, every time.


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All Catch Sitka Seafoods fish are blast frozen to -30 degrees in our blast freezer and are thus rendered sashimi grade. The recommended safe internal temp. for cooked fish is 145 degrees. Fish should be opaque and flake easily with a fork.


Catch Sitka Seafoods Grilled Rockfish Kebabs


Use a well oiled grill when grilling skin on; use a grill mat or tin foil with skin off.


 Time & Temp

Salmon 6 - 8 min. per side, Med. to Medium High
Halibut/Lingcod 5 -6 min. per side, Med. to Medium High
Rock Fish 5 -6 min. per side, Med. to Medium High
Black Cod 5 -6 min. per side, Med. to Medium High

Catch Sitka Seafoods Baked Black Cod


We like a silicone mat or parchment paper to line our dish for easy release.


Time & Temp

Salmon 10 - 12 min. at 450 degrees
Halibut/Lingcod 20 min. at 375 degrees
Rock Fish 10 - 12 min. at 400 degrees
Black Cod 12 - 15 min. at 400 degrees

Catch Sitka Seafoods Sauteed Coho Salmon


We like a heavy stainless steel  or cast iron pan for this; you may use non-stick.


 Time & Temp

Salmon 3 - 4 min. per side, Med. to Medium High
Halibut/Lingcod 3 - 4 min. per side, Medium High
Rock Fish 2 - 3 min. per side, Medium High
Black Cod 3 - 4 min. per side, Medium High


We like a glass or ceramic baking dish for easy release.


 Time & Temp

Salmon 8 - 10 min. High Broil,  5 - 6 in. from heat
Halibut/Lingcod 9 - 10 min. High Broil, 5 - 6 in. from heat
Rock Fish 5 min. High Broil, 5 - 6 in. from heat
Black Cod 10 - 12 min. High Broil, 5 - 6 in. from heat

Pro Tips:

    Do not overcook your fish, keep a close eye on it as it nears the end of cooking. Carry-over heat will often finish the cook for you.

    Check underside of fish, between flesh and skin, and scrape to remove any gray areas you see. This is the fat, where strong flavor lies.

      Catch Sitka Seafoods Spot Prawns

      Sitka Spot Prawns

      The Lobster of Alaska


      Put desired amount of frozen prawns into a colander, sitting inside a larger bowl, in the sink. Run a thin stream of cold water over them for about 15 minutes.


      Sitka Spot Prawns are minimally handled, they are de-headed and frozen immediately at sea. Many still have their roe, which is a delicious delicacy we think you’ll fall in love with. If you prefer not to eat the roe, gently remove before cooking shell-on, or remove the shell and de-vein, effectively removing the roe.


      There are many wonderful recipes you can find on our recipe blog. Our favorite way to enjoy the prawns is to sauté over medium heat in olive oil and garlic about one minute per side. The best way to determine whether or not your prawns are done is visual. Cook just until each prawn forms a ‘C’ not an ‘O.’ This will ensure perfect prawns every time!