Embracing the Wildness of Life, Family & Fish

Catch Sitka Seafoods is a family-run company born of the Alaskan living and fishing dreams of our founders, Issam and Mindy Samman. In 2016, a two-fold opportunity to move back, full-time, to where they met and fell in love arrived in the form of an art teaching job for Mindy and a Sitka fishing charter company in need of a new owner and captain, Issam. Being 9 months pregnant with their second daughter and eager to raise their growing family amid the beauty, people, wildlife and adventure that are Sitka, they packed their bags.

Building the Future, Fishing the Dream

When the charter company fell through (along with the house they planned to buy), the Samman family did what they do best, they pivoted. While Mindy taught art and focused on their two young girls, Issam built a charter boat. By 2017, Catch Sitka Sport Fishing was up and running with Issam leading deep water fishing tours for a global clientele. Like all passion-driven beginnings, it was an exhausting start rewarded in quick growth.

Sharing the Magnificent Haul

By 2018, the Sammans saw the opportunity to expand and create their own seafood company supplying pristine, nutritious, wild-caught fish to wholesalers and restaurants. All it would take was a processing facility and a boatload of certifications, specialized permits and other important hoops to jump through to safely and compliantly operate a seafood company. What’s a processing facility and regulatory hoops if you’ve already built a boat and a business? Issam and Mindy started construction and, within months, Catch Sitka Seafoods was born. Issam fished days with charter clients. At night, he processed the magnificent client fish catches in addition to processing fish bought from local commercial Sitka fisher families for wholesale to high-end restaurants.

Expanding Directly to Consumers, Committing to Sitka’s Fisher Families

While the business grew as quickly as the thriving Samman girls, 2020 changed everything for Catch Sitka Seafoods and the world. With travel and restaurants shut down by the pandemic, the charter and wholesale seafood business ground to a halt. Faced with another pivot, the Sammans looked both near and far. They opened Catch Sitka Seafoods to consumers nationwide, creating boxes of the world’s most incredible fish, all wild caught by the local Sitka community of fisher families. Shipped from dock to door in four simple steps, Catch Sitka’s Seafoods is proud to provide customers far and wide locally caught Wild Alaskan Seafood from Sitka’s waters. Here’s hoping you can taste and feel our commitment to family, community, sustainability and good health in every bite. It’s sent to you from Sitka with love.