From our cold, clear open Alaskan waters, to our wild, small-boat line-caught catch, to your table . . . our fish are something special.

Actively feeding and frolicking in their natural habitat, all of Catch Sitka’s fish are wild caught, using the same traditional hook & line methods our artisanal small boat fleet of fisherfolk have been using for generations, in our pristine Southeast Alaska ocean waters.

We invite you to learn the secrets of the truly sustainable magnificent fish we bring with pride to your table. All of our fish is sashimi-grade, kosher (unsupervised by a Rabbi), and parve. 

Fish Guide

Black Cod

Black Cod

Catch Sitka's Black Cod are deep cold-water caught prized for their flavor. They are not actually a cod fish at all, but are what's known as a Sablefish. They are sometimes called Butter Fish as well because it quite literally melts in your mouth. It has the highest concentration of Omega-3's and is impossible to overcook. We think it's a treat you won't soon forget!

Wild Facts: Fishing it requires bottom long-lines at 1000 ft. or deeper

Great For: Cooking with umami flavors like miso and soy

Favorite Way to Cook: Marinated and broiled it until it blackens, try our recipe for Warm and Flavorful Miso Marinated Sablefish.

Order: Smoked Black Cod or Wild Alaskan Whitefish Harvest Box.



Because there is no directed fishery for rockfish, any rockfish we receive are by-catch that we utilize. That makes them a supremely sustainable and highly underrated species. We think they are just as versatile as halibut and make for the best fish and chips you've ever had! Fun Fact: Rockfish are Catch Sitka's founder Issam's favorite fish!

Wild Facts: We have over 30 species of rockfish in Sitka!

Great For: Breaded fish and chips

Favorite Recipe: Rockfish Tacos

Order: Wild Alaskan Whitefish Harvest Box



Actually not a cod at all, Lingcod is a greenling. It is high in chlorophyll, which is very good for you and can also change the flesh of the fish to a greenish-blue that fades with cooking.

Wild Facts: Known as the wolf of the ocean due to its aggressive predatory behavior, Lingcod are also considered prehistoric.

Great For: All methods of cooking making it a great beginner fish

Favorite Recipe: Asian Ginger Lingcod

Order:  Wild Alaskan Whitefish Harvest Box.



Halibut is the most popular Alaskan whitefish, highly prized and extremely mild in flavor. These magnificent fish have been caught upwards of 700 lbs and can live as long as 55 years.

Wild Facts: As a Halibut matures and settles on the bottom of the ocean, one eye migrates giving it two eyes on one side of its face.

Great For: Any place you would normally use chicken!

Favorite Recipe: Potato Chip Halibut

Order: Wild Alaskan Halibut Harvest Box, Wild Alaskan Salmon & Halibut Box, or Wild Alaskan Whitefish Harvest Box.

Keta Salmon

Keta Salmon

Falling between Coho and King for oils, Keta is one of the most underrated fish out there. It’s perfect for people who don't like a strong salmon taste but enjoy flavor and amazing nutritional value and it makes the most delicious smoked salmon!

Wild Facts: As they ready to spawn, Keta gain tiger-like stripes

Great For: The whole family because of its mild flavor (kids love it!)

Favorite Way to Cook: Flaked into a creamy sauce for pasta or rice.

Order: Wild Alaskan Applewood Smoked Keta

Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon

Known for its deep, red flesh, Coho salmon is lighter in fats and calories, matching its lovely, light flavor. It’s a leaner overall species that can grow up to 30 lbs.

Wild Facts: On rare occasions (we've never seen it), can be white like a White King

Great For: Pan searing

Favorite Way to Cook: Stove-top pan-seared with olive oil, salt and pepper

Order: Smoked Coho, Wild Alaskan Coho Box or Wild Alaskan Salmon & Halibut Mix Harvest Box

King Salmon

King Salmon

The most prized of the species, King Salmon provides a great sport fishing experience for those who like to DIY dinner. With the most oils (Omega-3s), it’s also king of the superfoods.

Wild Facts: Largest (can reach 100lbs), fattiest, most aggressive salmon

Great For: Throwing on the grill!

Favorite Recipe: Blackened Salmon Salad

Order: Smoked King, Wild Alaskan King Harvest Box or Wild Alaskan Salmon & Halibut Mix Box