Fish Talk: Applewood Smoked Fish

Fish Talk: Applewood Smoked Fish

Fish Talk: Applewood Smoked Fish

At Catch Sitka Seafoods we take smoked fish seriously. Our founder, Issam, spent the last 20 years perfecting his recipe and method. The results speak for themselves, and we aren’t afraid to say it’s the best smoked salmon or black cod that you’ll ever have the pleasure of trying. All of our smoked fish is made from our premium wild, line-caught King, Keta, or Coho salmon or our delicious Black Cod to ensure the highest quality from start to finish. Each portion is smoked slowly and intentionally to lock in the deepest, rich flavor possible. It’s truly a smoked fish unlike any other.

Every piece of our smoked fish is made up of a selection of ocean run, prime fillet. (Portion Size 3 - 4 oz.) It is fully cooked, hot-smoked and safe to consume upon arrival at your doorstep. Throw it, unopened, in the fridge for up to two weeks or the freezer for up to six months. Once opened, store in the fridge and consume within 5-7 days. You can try it out yourself by choosing a 1, 1.5, or 2lb. box of our Black Cod, Keta, Coho or King.

When you think about the perfect gift for your family, friends or clients, rest assured our small boat, line-caught Wild Alaskan Applewood Smoked boxes deliver an unparalleled combination of delicious seafood from the purest southeast Alaskan seas along with beautifully curated hand crafted local and gourmet items. Plus, feel good knowing you're giving the gift of sustainability and support for our small family business and the local artisanal fishing fleet. We have two beautiful gift boxes to choose from that feature our premium smoked salmon.

1-lb Wild Alaskan Applewood Smoked Fish Gift Box

Our 1-lb Wild Alaskan Applewood Smoked Fish Gift Box contains 1lb. (1/2 lb. each) of our deep red Coho and our flavorful Keta Salmon.

2.5-lb Wild Alaskan Applewood Smoked Fish Gift Box

Our 2.5-lb Wild Alaskan Applewood Smoked Fish Gift Box contains 2lbs. (1lb. each) of our deep red Coho and our flavorful Keta Salmon, PLUS one-half pound of our rich and decadent King Salmon.

Each gift box also comes with beautiful bonus gift items that will help your recipient create an easy and delicious meal. Be sure to check out our recipe for your very own SeaCuterie board, our version of charcuterie.

Gift Box Bonus Items:

We've included some pretty special items to make this gift box something they'll be raving about!

A hand-crafted Cedar Grilling Plank made from Sitka Cedar, perfect for creating a SeaCuterie board. 

A bottle of delicious gourmet Garlic & Herb Olive Oil to finish off a beautiful fillet or be used as a dipping sauce on your tapas board.

PLUS, you get a jar of our incredible Catch Sitka Pacific Flake Sea Salt, made from the cold, clear waters of the Pacific and the absolute perfect final touch to your plate or platter.

Your recipient will love the included Time & Temperature Guide and the Fool Proof Recipe Card as well! Using our Smoked Salmon is an easy way to incorporate some vibrant reds into your plate. We've got some beautiful recipes featuring our Applewood Smoked Fish, including our Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict and Smoked Black Cod Eggs Benedict with Asian Hollandaise for breakfast lovers out there. If you’re looking for a simpler plate that will still be the star of any gathering, take a peek at our Simple Smoked Salmon Charcuterie Platter

Corporate or Large Gift Lists? Please email us at for our easy order form. Taste the best of what Alaska has to offer. Our dedication to quality is unparalleled, and our seafood comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Stay tuned next month for more Fish Talk!

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