Sound Off January 2022

Sound Off January 2022

Greetings From the Sitka Sound

Happy New Year! January in Sitka has come in like a lion, with roaring winds, swirling snow and surging seas. It has kept us focused on remaining steady on the frozen earth below. Occasionally, the sun will grace us with its glory, enlivening everything in its path with sparkling crystal shimmers. It's quite a sight to behold. Splendor is one thing Sitka never skimps on.
This is the time of year that finds our fisherfolk at home more with their families. A period to reflect on their adventures of the previous season and make plans for the next go round. Our small boat fleet is still heading out harvesting delicious, fatty winter Kings, when the weather permits. So, be sure you get yours before they are gone again!
Speaking of reflection, we've been reminiscing about the past year as well. With your wonderful support, we are still here and reaching more doorsteps each day! Thank YOU!

We hope that you have enjoyed this journey as much as we have! Stay tuned, because we are just getting started!
Best Fishes,
The Samman Family

Fish Talk: Is Fresh Fish Best

Fresh seafood is frequently assumed to be the best seafood, but is it really? This desire for “fresh” is something that has long been held by fish consumers, and until recently it was absolutely true. We can all agree the word “fresh” has a great appeal – especially in the seafood world. But the general assumption is that “fresh” equals “quality,” and this is where most seafood consumers are mistaken.

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Securing Your Catch

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and your overall experience. You will notice your filets now arrive tightly wrapped inside your box. This secures them in transit as the dry ice evaporates. 
Your fish is sashimi grade and the closest to the fisherfolk possible. Our team inspects each vacuum sealed portion carefully when packing your box. We send you nothing but our best and do everything we can to ensure a perfect arrival. If a portion does arrive with a loose seal or tear, simply consume it first, or wrap in plastic and place inside a zip-top freezer bag, in your freezer, and consume within one month. We suggest storing your portions in a secure spot in the coldest section of your freezer for the best results. 
If you have any suggestions for other ways in which we can improve our service, please let us know by writing to us at:

From the Kitchen

We have a brand new recipe for the new year! With all of our snow, wind, and ice we have been craving the warmth of soup and stew. This Brazilian Style Fish Stew utilizes our Wild Alaskan Rockfish (Issam's favorite) and is cooked in a zesty tomato-coconut broth. It has a little heat and a lot of zing.
This is just what you need to warm up your winter nights. Plus, you'll be feeding your whole family's heads, hearts and bellies! It's a no brainer!
No rockfish? No worries! Any of our species would be delicious here, even our Wild Alaska Spot Prawns!

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